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8 (Not So) Elite Things In Your Air

You’ve got the whole crew over comparing brackets and watching. You’ve cleaned up, kind of, before they came over but the mess is growing as beers are flowing. You know it’ll get cleaned up…eventually, but what about the lingering smell of basketball fans sweating those last second free throws?

Particles floating in your air are typically invisible — unlike the leftover crumbs from pizza — but they still affect your home just the same and need to be cleaned up. Here are the Awful Eight that could be impacting the air you breathe every day. 


Mold Spores

Mold spores are invisible and float throughout the air until they find a wet surface to cling to so they can grow indoors. Running an air purifier and dehumidifier are going to filter mold spores out of the air and reduce moisture in the air. Suffocate those disgusting spores before they can multiply and cause any damage.

Oransi mod jr dinner setup with dust


 Even if you clean it off the surfaces in your home, dust is persistent. It’s floating around
 everywhere just waiting to be breathed in and wreak havoc. Sniffling, sneezing, watery eyes. 
 But it’s okay, your Oransi air purifier’s been trained for this, it eats dust for breakfast,
 lunch, and dinner.

Airborne Viruses

Airborne viruses are always floating around indoor spaces just looking for a new host to infect. It often feels inevitable once one person in the house is sick, but an air purifier can help minimize the viral load in the air. Oransi air purifiers filter out those airborne particles that cause viruses, which means less chance of infection and reinfection, and more chance for uninterrupted basketball.


Whether someone smokes cigarettes, vapes indoors, or someone simply isn’t the best cook (we all have that one relative who constantly sets off the smoke detector!) your trusty air purifier will help. It will clean up any kind of smoke lingering in your home before it gets into your nose and lungs.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) 

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are harmful substances found in everyday household items. VOCs hide in paints, glues, nail polish, household cleaners, and are even released into the air when you burn scented candles. VOCs are, in a word, gross. Maybe rethink lighting that prayer candle as a ritual to help your favorite team win — or at least make sure it’s soy-based and free of paraffin wax, then light away!

pet dander on an Oransi mod filter


Pet Dander

Have a dog or another beloved bestie who sheds a lot? Oransi's air purifiers are going to catch all that pet dander that floats around in the air for you and your fur babies. Better caught in the filter than in the lungs!


Even if the bacteria floating around in your home doesn’t get you sick, you still don’t want to be breathing in their particles. Airborne bacteria is larger than your typical virus particles and can cause respiratory issues as it lingers in your air. Air purifiers will also filter those particles out just the same to keep your basketball marathon pristine and clean.


Pollen gets inside your house quickly if you keep the windows or doors open. It can also track indoors when you venture outside by sticking to your clothes. Pollen floats around outside and inside and gets in your nose and eyes, which is when the real trouble starts. With Spring right around the corner, you don’t want to be sneezing and trying to see the games through blurred watery eyes.

We can’t predict who is going to come out on top during the tourney, but we do know you can bet on Oransi air purifiers when it comes to cleaning your air!