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Can HEPA Air Purifiers Eliminate The Smell Of Smoke?

If you hate the smell of smoke in your home, office, or other indoor space, an air purifier specially designed for smoke odor removal will be right up your alley.

But knowing where to find an air purifier that cleans the air around you as well as eliminates nasty odors is a challenge. It pays to do some research into which air purifiers for smoke smells really work and how they achieve fresh, clean-smelling air. A great place to start is the HEPA air purifier for smoke.

In this article, we’ll give you all you need to know about the perfect air purifier for smoke odor removal.


The Dangers Of Smoke

The actual smell of smoke is an indicator that the environment around you has been contaminated. Smoke is composed of a combination of gases and fine particles that are released when material burns. These minute particles can end up getting caught in your lungs, where they can trigger all kinds of health issues. They may trigger an asthma attack, worsen a heart condition, or cause wheezing or difficulty breathing.

The effects of smoke can take their toll even if you are in good health. And if any of the following apply to you or a family member, then you will be especially vulnerable to smoke’s undesired effects.

  • You have a disease or condition that affects the heart or lungs
  • You are a senior
  • You are a child
  • You are pregnant
  • You have diabetes

When you detect the smell of smoke, you know that there is going to be a risk of its particles threatening your and your family’s health, especially if they are vulnerable. So it makes sense that you look for an efficient solution that removes not just the smell of smoke but the tiny particles that you can’t even see.


Air Purifiers That Work To Eliminate The Smell Of Smoke

Whether you are wondering which are the best air purifiers for wildfire smoke or tobacco smoke, you should know which kind will work best to cleanse your environment of the smell and of its dangerous particles and gases.

Your starting point is a HEPA air purifier for smoke smell. HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air and refers to a filter’s ability to trap airborne pollutants like the particulates of solid matter and gases that make up smoke.

A HEPA filter has an extraordinary ability to trap even the smallest of airborne particles and stop them from floating back into your environment. They’re capable of trapping 99.97% of particles as tiny as 0.3 microns in size — that’s significantly smaller than a tobacco smoke particle, which is around 1.0 micron.

The types of particles HEPA filters can trap include:

  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Pet dander
  • Bacteria
  • Mold
  • And the particles that make up smoke

All Oransi expert-rated air purifiers use HEPA technology to clean the air around you, trapping harmful and unpleasant substances such as smoke and allowing you to breathe fresh, clean air.


How To Ensure Your HEPA Air Purifier Works To Get Rid Of The Smell Of Smoke

A HEPA air filter works hard to eliminate the smell of smoke. But there are some very important factors to consider when selecting an air purifier.

The HEPA filter should be enhanced with activated carbon adsorption technology to effectively get rid of that nasty smoky smell.

By opening the tiny spaces between carbon atoms, carbon filters can absorb any gas and liquid molecules that go towards making up smoke and its distinctive smell. It’s a really efficient way of capturing the smallest airborne particles in the environment, and carbon filters are also extremely efficient at harnessing larger particles too.

The higher the MERV rating, the more efficient an air purifier will be better at eliminating a smoke smell. The MERV rating indicates how good the purifier is at trapping the tiniest particles floating about in the air and is something you should be aware of. Look for a high MERV rating to be assured of your purifier’s efficiency. All Oransi air purifiers are equivalent to 17 to 20, at the very highest end of the scale, so you can rest assured of their quality and efficiency.


Other Steps To Remove A Smoke Smell

As we’ve seen, the single most significant step you can take to eliminate the smell of smoke in your home is to invest in a HEPA air purifier with a carbon filter. You can also take some simple measures at home to banish that unpleasant smoky smell:

  • If the smoky smell is coming from outside your home, for example, because of a wildfire, then keep all your windows closed.
  • If its source is within your home, for example, from smoking tobacco indoors, keep doors and windows open as much as possible to improve ventilation.
  • Wash your carpets, floors, walls, and other surfaces on a regular basis.
  • Simple home remedies to eliminate smoke smell in small areas include leaving out a slice of apple soaked in vinegar and hanging up bunches of sweet-smelling herbs

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