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Benzene Gas Leak and Air Purifiers

Are air purifiers able to help if there is a benzene gas leak? 

Benzene Gas Leak

The Benzene gas leak that was reported in Houston in February 2016 and beyond highlights a growing problem related to the storage of oil. A growing surplus of oil coupled with huge networks of underground piping and storage tanks has created a situation where Benzene leaks are becoming more common.

As we reported earlier, there is an aging network of natural gas piping, some more than 100 years old that must be replaced. With gasoline storage, the issue is more around the vast amounts that must be stored. Many times not far from residential areas. So, this creates an opportunity for gases like Benzene to seep out. Like other gas leak issues, it's an accident waiting to happen.

Benzene Gas Air Purifiers

If you have a benzene gas leak you will need an advanced air filtration system to effectively remove the gases. HEPA filter based media are not effective for gas removal as the gases will simply pass through the filter fibers. Activated carbon is fairly effective for benzene. For a complete solution you need additional gas phase media to adsorb a wider spectrum of gases.

We have developed a proprietary filter media to give you a complete solution. The activated carbon material in our TrueCarbon purifiers are very effective for Benzene and many other gases and VOCs. Compounds like potassium permanganate are needed to remove methane, sulfur and other dangerous gases.

An advantage to our filters is that they have a lot of surface area that is needed for removal but we do this in a way that minimizes the air flow resistance. This gives you more air flow and less noise to cover larger rooms. It also provides more air changes to filter your air more often producing better results. This is a reason why Oransi air purifiers are a leading brand when it comes to gas removal.

Dangers of Benzene Gas

Benzene is an invisible gas that is linked to cancer so should not be taken lightly. It can evaporate very quickly however is a heavy gas and will settle in low lying areas. When it comes in contact with a person it can cause your system to stop working normally. For example, it can lead to anemia from the production of less red blood cells. It can also weaken your immune system.

A short exposure to Benzene can result in confusion and light headedness. Longer exposure has been shown to cause blood related cancers.

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