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CARB Recommended Oransi Air Purifier for SoCal Gas Leak

The Aliso Canyon natural gas leak in Southern California started on October 25 at a storage well near Los Angeles at Porter Ranch.  The plume has been reported to be 1,000 feet high and several miles long.  To help local residents deal with the dangerous gases, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) has recommended the Oransi Erik air purifier with carbon filter for the removal of methane gas and other mercaptans.

Per CARB, “many of the more commonly used residential air cleaners will not effectively remove the odorous mercaptans and other sulfur-containing components of the Aliso Canyon natural gas leak from the air…the most effective air cleaners are likely the portable air cleaners with deep beds (large quantities) of activated charcoal.”

CARB California Air Resources Board

AHAM Verifide

CARB Recommended Air Purifier

The Erik is a portable commercial grade air purifier with 4″ deep carbon pre-filter and a 12″ deep main filter.  To effectively remove gases like this requires a deep bed and lot of carbon.  Oransi Erik carbon air filters are several times deeper than any other suggested model.  The Oransi EJ air purifiers with proprietary carbon filters are also very effective for these dangerous gases.

This gas leak is just one of many air quality issues.  Similar to the gas leak in Southern California, there are similar gas issues around the world like formaldehyde in building materials in China that require the same type of solution.  Besides having a much deeper carbon bed, Oransi air purifiers further stand out from the select list of CARB suggested air purifiers for gas removal by being the only such brand with AHAM certified air purifiers for the China market.

“It is a testament to the high performance of our air purifiers to be recommended by CARB to remove the dangerous gases in Southern California.  It is an honor to also be recommended for this issue by AHAM given the deep bed nature of our air purifiers,” said Peter Mann, Oransi CEO.

About Gas Removal

To effectively remove gases such as sulfur, formaldehyde, methane, and smoke requires high quality activated carbon and in some cases additional media like potassium permanganate.  This is a core part of the technology in our Erik and EJ air purifiers.

See the Aliso Canyon Video

About Oransi Air Purifiers

Oransi makes high performance air purifiers that are sold throughout the world to address the most challenging indoor air quality issues.  Oransi is the only American brand of air purifiers to be AHAM certified with a high CADR and Energy Star.  The high CADR above 300 means it is very effective for allergies and asthma sufferers in the USA and for PM2.5 and formaldehyde in China.  


*The Erik air purifiers are retired. Oransi still offers filters for all retired purifiers.