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Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day everyone!

And thanks to everyone who entered Oransi’s first Pinterest contest! We had a lot of amazing pins, which you can check out at our Earth Day board.

Our winning pin is from Teressa Morris, who captured this amazing rainbow!

Rainbow on earth day

We thought this photo not only captures the essence of “clean air” but also serves as a great symbol for Earth Day. The contrast of the rainbow and sparkling air with the concrete parking lot full of cars reminds us of the spirit and true message of the holiday: to reduce pollution, stop climate change, and make the Earth a cleaner place.

Rainbows, as we all know, are created from sunlight scattering through water particles in the air. The best rainbows form after heavy rainfalls, when the dark and gloom gives way to color and light! Rain itself can cleanse the air, washing out harmful particles, pollen, and the pollution that is often caused by cars just like those in the picture.

We think the real beauty of this picture is that it could have been taken anywhere in America, or most of the world. It’s simple and real, showing a charcoal sky lit up by a rainbow, a beacon of hope and light in dark times. We can see how civilization and nature co-exist, but also how fragile the balance is between them. A cleansing rain can freshen up the air, but vehicle emissions muck it up again.

I’m sure every one of us walks through a parking lot like this every week. And that most of us rely on our cars to get us everywhere. Modern society would fall apart if we didn’t have them. But unfortunately, it’s taking a real toll on the environment, so it’s up to us to figure out how we can offset this. Climate change stems from our behavior, and it’s our response that will help the Earth survive.

But how does one person look at the pollution in the world and make a difference? How can we take the rain and make it a rainbow?

Every one of us has a role to play in taking care of the Earth. Whether it’s planting trees, driving cleaner vehicles, eating less meat, or just reusing and recycling, every small act can make a big difference.

Check out the official Earth Day website to learn more.