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How to Remove Odors From Your Home

The world is full of odors, so keeping a fresh smelling home can be a never ending challenge. And the bigger your family, the bigger the job. If you live alone this might be simple, but if you have pets and children running around, you need to be on constant guard against home odors.

Odor removal is simple; but it does require tenacity. Let’s take a look at some of the most common sources of household odors, as well as how to remove odors from your home.

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Common Sources of Bad Odors

Tobacco Smoke

While the habit of smoking is becoming less common with every year, tobacco smoke is still an issue in some homes. Even if you don’t light up, third-hand smoke, which is residue left from cigarette smoke, can contaminate your home and cause health issues as well as smoke odor.

The Solution to Tobacco Smoke

Cleaning tobacco smoke can be difficult, but there are many cleaning techniques that you can use to reduce the issue. Cleaning and shampooin can help remove carpet smells. Washing the walls may be effective, and cleaning the drapery (or purchasing new drapes) can also help. If tobacco smoke is particularly bad, some recommend repainting the walls to trap seeped-in tobacco stench. Using an air purifier for smoke can also reduce smoke smell.

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Because tobacco smoke is on the decline, it’s possible that pets are now the top source for odors in the home. Pets create many different smells, especially when they are not properly trained and have certain “accidents.” Cats and dogs can leave smells, and pet dander, while not usually pungent, can cause allergy problems.

The Solution to Pet Odors

Depending on the nature of your issue (for example, light pet smells or cat urine in the carpeting), you may need to use a variety of techniques. Cleaning litter boxes, washing pet bedding, and bathing the animal on a regular basis can be effective, but you could also remove odors and dander with an air purifier for pets.


Mold can be a troublesome contaminant in your home. Not only does it look nasty, it expels spores that can cause respiratory issues. Mold also has a musty smell that usually indicates a problem.

The Solution to Mold Odor

Cleaning mold and mildew (which is a form of mold) takes time and energy, and usually requires cleaning chemicals and scrubbing tools to kill and remove the mildew smell. You can also add an air purifier for mold, which will remove airborne spores and keep the mold from reproducing. Purifiers that use UV light are particularly effective for mold clean-up.

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Drain Pipes

There’s are many different substances that can go down your bathroom and kitchen sinks. Shavings, toothpaste, soap, skin cells, foods...the list goes on. All of those little materials can clog the drain or line the drain walls, causing nasty odors to come up through the pipes.

The Solution to Drain Pipes Odor

Cleaning the sink drain can be a nasty job, so be prepared with the right tools, including rubber gloves and, if needed, something to cover your nose. Start by plunging the sink to physically remove any large solid materials. You can then use a liquid cleaner or homemade cleaning solution, such as vinegar.


Your trash receptacle just might be the unappreciated MVP of your household. Just think of all the things it helps you get rid of, such as old veggies, coffee grounds, dirty paper towels. Unfortunately, your trash can could start to smell, creating a funk that can spread through the entire home.

The Solution to Trash Odor

Food52 offers some excellent tips for reducing trash odor, including bag selection and odor containment. One of the most interesting suggestions is to use smaller trash cans, which forces you to take out the trash more often, resulting in fewer smells inside the home.

Gas Leak

A gas leak is not only a odor problem, but a life-threatening emergency. Actually, the fact that you can smell gas is, in a way, a good thing. Natural gas is actually an odorless substance, so to help people detect a problem, odors are added as a safety precaution. Gas is mixed with a small amount of mercaptan, a compound with a rotten-egg stench.

The Solution to Gas Leaks

If you smell natural gas in the home, don’t treat it like an odor problem, treat it like an emergency. Leave the house immediately and do not flip any switches or adjust appliances; just leave! Call 911 from a safe location and inform emergency dispatch that your home has a gas leak. Emergency services and a trained technician can then help you safely remove flammable gas.

Burning Electrical Components

When electrical components such as rubber and plastic come into contact with high heat, they can start to emit a fishy smell or even the odor of urine. This problem can be caused by faulty or outdated wiring.

The Solution to Odor from Burning Electrical Components

The first goal is to find the source of the odor. Look at all electrical outlets and equipment to see if there is a sign of burning or melting, and make sure that any flammable material is safely away from heat sources. Call a professional and have them inspect the home so you don’t have a future fire emergency.

The Bathroom

You put a lot of work into designing the most elegant and refined bathroom possible, often losing sight of the true purpose of a bathroom. If left unchecked, a bathroom can become smelly and offensive, and the damp nature of bathrooms doesn’t help either, as moisture can cause musty odors.

The Solution to Bathroom Smells

Good ventilation is your best tool for a fresh bathroom. Use the fan as often as possible, even when the bathroom smells fine.
While many people choose scented spray cans, these sprays can contain harmful chemicals, so natural, unscented candles are usually a better choice. (Just don’t forget they are lit!)
Clean the toilet regularly with cleaners and a scrubber, and replace damp towels with fresh, dry towels.

Odor Fighting Air Purifiers for Your Home

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From fighting smells to reducing allergens, an air purifier from Oransi will help you have a clean, happy home!