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7 Reasons To Buy An Air Purifier For The Holiday Season

There are countless preparations to make before having a holiday gathering. We all have a long list of chores, whether it's cooking and cleaning or making the house ready for guests.

While all of these are essential and take time, having an air purifier running during a holiday gathering is just as important, and it’s as easy as pushing a button!


An air purifier decreases dust in your home.

Three images of dust and cleaning dust

That’s right, air purifiers help to clean dust in your home! The air purifier will take in your home’s air and the  high efficiency air filters will catch dust and other particles before pushing the clean air back into your indoor living space.

Although you’ll still have to do some cleaning before your guests arrive, your air purifier friend will certainly be doing its part to minimize how much dust is needing to be cleaned!


A good air purifier can filter out smoke.

Two images of people with burnt turkeys and one with an open flame on the stove

Even if no one on the invited guest list smokes cigarettes, air purifiers can help if there’s a mishap in the kitchen.

Air purifiers help to clean the air of different airborne particles including smoke. Having an air purifier is a great way to ensure that the home air quality is still good even if you accidentally burn the turkey. Hey, there’s always take out, right?


Fragrances can be captured by a great air purifier.

Two images of perfume bottles and a young child holding their nose at the smell

Most of the time we’re excited to catch up with family and friends we only get to see during the holidays, but sometimes they bring unwanted fragrances into our house.

To those who are sensitive to fragrances, an air purifier will help clean up the airborne scents that might contribute to headaches or irritated noses and throats. Air purifiers also help anyone whose asthma might be triggered by certain fragrances like grandma’s particularly strong perfume. The air purifier also helps to clear the air of any odors in general.


Flowers won't stand a chance at causing allergic reactions indoors.

A young child smelling a flower, a woman putting together a floral arrangement, a table with a floral centerpiece

Having flowers in the house is a great way to add a fun pop of color to your decorations for a holiday gathering, but everyone might not appreciate the flowers at the center of the table.

Air purifiers help to mitigate allergies, including pollen allergies, so everyone should feel welcome at a table with a vase of flowers as the centerpiece. If you’re traveling, you can check Oransi’s air quality and pollen count tracker so you can plan ahead.


Air purifiers can help with pet dander and pet smells.

A young woman hugging her dog, someone sneezing, a cat indoors

Air purifiers help clean the air of allergens in indoor living spaces. This includes helping to clean the home of pet dander and pet odors.

Whether you have a friend or relative staying the night and they’re allergic to your fur baby, or they’re bringing a pet to stay the night in your home, an air purifier will help make sure no one is coughing or sneezing through dinner.


Air purifiers can help everyone no matter what age.

An older couple cooking together, grandmothers with their grandchildren

The holiday season involves family and friends of every age and air purifiers help everyone.

If your nephew from out of state has asthma, then the air purifier will help him to breathe more easily in a different environment. Air purifiers also help mitigate the spread of airborne illnesses, which keeps everyone in the house safe!


They still help after the holiday season is over.

Oransi Mod+ air purifier

An air purifier is a great purchase for the holiday season, but there’s still endless use for the device after everyone leaves. This list applies to you and anyone that steps into an indoor area with an air purifier running.

Even if you don’t have a house full of people celebrating a holiday, running an air purifier in your home year round is still a benefit to you!