3 Bedroom Home Package

$799.99 $889.51

3 Bedroom Whole House Package

3 Bedroom Home Package Air Purifiers

One mod+ air purifier for large living areas and three AirMend Small Room Air Purifiers for a 3 bedroom home. 

  • Bedroom
  • Office
  • Basement
  • Small Sized Living Areas
Effective For:
  • Dust,
  • Allergies,
  • Pet Dander,
  • Mold,
  • Pollution,
  • Smoke Particles, Smog,
  • Bacteria, Viruses
      • Whole House Package for 3 Bedroom Home: One mod+ air purifier for large living areas and three AirMend small room air cleaners. Combined they clean 1,403 ft2 in 12.5 minutes (up to 3,395 ft2 in 30 min). 
      • AirMend Designed, Engineered and Responsibly Assembled in the USA: in our Radford, Virginia facility. *US Patent applications pending. mod+ is designed in USA and assembled in China.
      • Biggest Electric Motor Innovation since the 1960s: After more than 700 prototypes, we’ve perfected our proprietary motor technology. Our next generation motor is quieter, lighter, and has higher torque giving you more air flow, higher energy efficiency, and smaller size.
      • Easy to Replace Filters that Last: mod+ has a 3-in-1 filter that includes a mesh pre-filter for large visible particles, pleated HEPA filter media for small virus, pet dander, pollen, and dust particles, and activated carbon for wildfire smoke and VOCs. AirMend comes with a mesh screen pre-filter and a high efficiency HEPA filter. Filter life 12 months. 
      • Won't Disturb Sleep: Lights automatically go dark.
      • Quiet. Set the exact air flow with a touch. No privacy or security issues like with apps.

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3 Bedroom Air Purifier Package

1 mod+ and 3 AirMend Small Room (specs are for each)

Mod+ Air Purifier


small to large rooms

524 ft² (in 12.5 min)

1,268 ft² (in 30 min)

particles: dust, pollen, mold spores

Particles, dust, VOCs, light odors

HEPA filter

Pleated HEPA & Carbon

Filter life: 12 months

<p>14" x 25" x 14"</p>

14" x 25" x 14"

<p>23 lbs</p>

23 lbs

AirMend™ Small Room HEPA Air Purifier

AirMend Small Room

small to large rooms

293 ft² (in 12.5 min)

709 ft² (in 30 min)

particles: dust, pollen, mold spores

Particles, dust, pollen, etc.

HEPA filter

Pleated HEPA

Filter life: 12-18 months

<p>13” x 13” x 8”</p>

13” x 13” x 8”



Easy To Use

  • Simple touch control to set the fan speed and purification level.
  • No apps, air quality censors that let the air get bad before cleaning it, or other unnecessary bells and whistles to complicate use.
  • Quick initial set up that takes about the same time to brush your teeth.

Powerfully Effective

  • Captures fine particles.
  • The best value air purifier performance for price on the market cleaning large and small rooms.
  • Latest motor technology is significantly quieter and uses up to 90% less energy.

Unmatched Reliability

  • Proudly designed and tested in the USA.
  • Air filter that's easy to replace and lasts up to 12 months with normal use.
  • Protected by a no hassle manufacturer's warranty and US customer service team.

Independently Tested

  • Independently tested for safety and efficiency.
  • Certified Ozone Safe by the State of California Air Resources Board.
  • ETL/UL certified safe, AHAM Verifide for CADR, and ENERGY STAR® certified for efficiency.
Room Coverage Cleans room sizes up to 293 square feet with 4.8 air changes per hour.
Smoke CADR: 189
Fan Speeds 10 Fan Speeds (70-200 CFM)
Power 43 watts
Filter Two Filters (Mesh Pre-Filter, HEPA media)
Filter Life 12-18 months
Noise Level 30-60 dBA
Dimensions 13" x 13" x 8" (W x H x D)
Weight 7 lbs
Controls All AirMend controls are located on the remote.
Where Made Designed and Assembled in the USA
Warranty 2 years
Certification UL, Energy Star, California Air Resources Board (Model Number: AMD-150H)
Technical Specs
Room Coverage Cleans most room sizes, up to 563 square feet for 5 air changes per hour. Equivalent to 1,361 sq ft with 2 air changes per hour.
Smoke: 363, Dust: 375, Pollen: 373. PM2.5: 369
Fan Speeds 12 Fan Speeds (92-375 CFM)
Power 93 watts, 120V, 60Hz
Filter One Filter (Pre-filter, HEPA media, Activated carbon)
Filter Life 12 months
Nano-Particle Removal 99.4% at 0.1 microns, 99.4% at 0.02 microns (20 nm)
VOC (Formaldehyde) Removal 76% (in 1 hour test)
Noise Level 20–58 dBA
Dimensions 14" x 25" x 14" (W x H x D)
Weight 23 lbs
Controls Glass user interface. Slide finger to set precise fan speed and find optimal noise level.
Where Made Designed in USA, Assembled in China
Warranty 3 years
Certification Energy Star, CE, ETL, RoHS, California Air Resources Board (Model Number: MD02)
Technical Specs
Reach out to our US-based Customer Service team for any questions you have about Oransi products not answered in the user's manual or FAQ.

AirMend User's Manual
mod+ User's Manual

The Only Affordable Purifier That’s Assembled in the USA

We’re moving toward more responsibly made and sustainable air purifiers.

The AirMend series is a major advancement for air purifier technology. In fact, they're the only affordable air purifiers that are Assembled in the USA.  

The AirMend creates American jobs in our Radford, VA factory. 

After 700 prototypes, our Virginia engineering team has designed next generation motor technology.

This technology keeps price down while outperforming the competition. 

We're proud that this proprietary motor technology is creating American jobs in our Radford, Virginia facility and providing affordable and safe clean air in homes.

Feel good about adding this air purifier to your space

We are moving toward a more sustainable product with the AirMend air purifiers.

Prioritizing USA made parts and labor decreases our shipping emissions and our ENERGY STAR® certification guarantees the AirMend Small Room HEPA Air Purifier is energy efficient. 

The AirMend is compact, powerful, and has unparalleled performance for its price.

The AirMend Small Room HEPA Air Purifier cleans 293 square feet every 12.5 minutes (ie 4.8 air changes per hour).

We haven’t added any unnecessary bells and whistles.

Just clean, reliable air at an affordable price without the gimmicks. Guaranteed to protect your health for years to come.

*Protected by US Patent application numbers: 29/931,401 and PCT/US24/19247.

Reviews & Questions

Still Have Questions?

The AirMend Air Purifier is a high-performing product that is the result of over 1,000 engineering hours. Naturally, you may have some questions for us. Luckily, we have the answers.

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