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Benefits Of Air Purifiers For Cold Weather

Everyone tends to head indoors for the winter as the weather turns colder, so it’s important to pay even more attention to our indoor air quality. Air purifiers can help regulate and keep everyone’s indoor air safe as more people, pets, pollution, and dust accumulate during the winter season.

The colder weather tends to bring more stress, seasonal depression, and air pollution that affect our everyday lives. Air purifiers can be an essential part of the solution to these winter issues.


Common Winter Indoor Air Quality Problems And Ways To Solve Them

Snow and cold weather aren’t the only common winter problems during the season. Air pollution is worse in the winter because cold air is more dense. The denser air sinks and traps the pollution, which means the air pollution in winter stays for longer.

Our outdoor activities in the winter also negatively affect our air quality causing more pollution. Most people run their cars for longer before heading off to work in order to heat up their cars or defrost their windows.

This extra pollution stays in the air longer and sneaks into our houses and indoor areas as we’re trying to comfortably bundle up against the cold. The pollution and denser air outside negatively affects our indoor air quality.

The air is also drier in the winter, which compounds the air pollution and air quality problems in the colder weather. The dry air also traps air pollution and causes a longer decline in overall air quality.

Dry air also causes dry skin and the uncomfortable negative effects of itching, cracking, and even bleeding skin. Additionally, dry air can also contribute to cold weather allergies. 

Thankfully, a cost-effective and easy solution to all of these common winter indoor air quality problems is to purchase a high-quality air purifier. Oransi’s air purifiers help to mitigate the negative effects of cold weather allergies, the build up of pet dander and the increase in dust and dust mites in the house.

Air purifiers also help to capture airborne viruses and bad bacteria, which helps to decrease illness in the household. Whether you work from home, go to an office, or go to school, everyone breathes indoor air, and air purifiers will help your overall health and wellness in the winter season.


Air Purifiers Clean Elevated Air Pollution During The Winter Season

Air purifiers can clean the air of any indoor area and help with elevated air pollution concerns during the winter. Indoor air pollution can lead to side effects from irritated eyes to respiratory diseases.

Indoor air pollution also affects your level of productivity leading to diminishing productivity the higher the air pollution in your home. If you’re working out of your home, or any indoor area, it’s important to clean the air with an air purifier.

When choosing an air purifier for the winter, make sure to note the differences between ionic air purifiers and air purifiers with filters. The main difference between ionic and air purifiers with  high efficiency air filters and a strong motor is that air purifiers with ionizers create ozone.

Ozone is a dangerous indoor air pollutant and it’s safer to avoid this altogether and opt for an air purifier with high efficiency air filters like the
Oransi mod+.

Cleaning your air with the right air purifier can help to ensure the best indoor air quality. The air purifier will also help your mental and physical health if you’re struggling more during the winter season with the elevated air pollution.


Air Purifiers Help Mitigate Cold Weather Allergy Symptoms

There’s typically a focus on allergies in the spring, summer, and fall, but allergies are just as bad in the winter. Dust and mold build up in houses contributes to winter allergy symptoms.

Those who are allergic to the various indoor contaminants feel their allergy symptoms in the winter as everyone moves indoors. Allergy symptoms like sneezing, coughing, and irritated throats are a concern in the winter as well.

Air purifiers help to clean the air in your indoor living area and will help mitigate any allergy triggers that are lurking in the dry, dusty, and crowded indoor winter air. 

Air Purifiers Capture Dust Mites And Pet Dander

As people head indoors and try to get warm by raising the temperature in their homes, they’re also creating a perfect environment for dust mites. Dormant heaters tend to release more airborne dust when turned on for the colder months.

Dust mites thrive in a warmer environment and in an increase in dust in the home. A large concentration of dust mites in the house can cause more air pollution. People can also see side effects from this pollution including typical allergy and sinus infection symptoms. Dust mites can also aggravate asthma symptoms. 

Pet dander is an issue year round, but pet dander tends to increase in the winter months as pets are indoors more often as well.

It’s important to clean your indoor home air of harmful pollution and air purifiers also help to clean dust and pet dander in the home. 

Dry Skin And Dry Air Are Reduced With Air Purifiers

Dry air causes pollution to stay in the air longer because there is less moisture and rain to wash away the pollution. The summer has more moisture in the air and even though smog can be seen more clearly in the summer, air pollution is typically worse in the winter.

The dry air also causes dry skin leading to itchy skin that can crack and bleed. Air pollution affects everyone’s skin causing more rapid aging, possibly attributing to skin cancer, and increasing the negative side effects of dry skin.

Air purifiers can help clean the air pollution out of your home, which helps to mitigate the negative effects that air pollution has on your skin. 

Air Purifiers Filter Out Airborne Viruses And Bacteria

Viruses and bacteria are typically worse in the winter as well. Air purifiers can help combat the spread of airborne viruses.

Cleaning the air pollution in your home with an air purifier is important because it also can filter out the airborne particles that cause you to become sick.

As everyone heads indoors and is around each other in close quarters more often, viruses are more likely to spread within the household. Running an air purifier in the winter, especially when someone in the house is sick, can help to minimize the spread of viruses in your home.


Winter Depression And Mental Health

Seasonal affective disorder, known as seasonal depression, can occur during each season with varying symptoms experienced with each season. Fall and winter seasonal affective disorder symptoms include oversleeping, appetite changes, gaining weight, and feelings of tiredness with low energy.

Taking care of your mental health is just as important as taking care of your physical health, and air purifiers can help reduce symptoms caused by stress, anxiety, and depression. Running an air purifier at night can also help everyone get a better night’s sleep while cleaning the air.


How Well Do Air Purifiers Work In The Winter?

Air purifiers work just as well in the winter as any other season. Oransi recommends running an air purifier all year for your health and wellness. It helps to have the cleanest air all year round no matter what the weather is outside.

How can an air purifier improve winter air quality? Air purifiers can help clean the stuffy and dusty indoor air that becomes more polluted as you spend more time indoors. Most people stay indoors in the winter as the weather gets colder.

How does reduced ventilation and access to outside air diminish indoor air quality? The air in your home becomes stale and dry, diminishing the indoor air quality, as there’s reduced ventilation in the house during the winter.

Poor air circulation and ventilation can cause problems in the winter. The lack of access to outside air makes cleaning the air in your indoor living area even more important. The ventilation simulated in an air purifier helps to keep your indoor air clean.

How can pollutants from heat sources affect indoor air quality? Typically, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), are higher in the winter as well. As people are burning scented candles or lighting fires in their indoor fireplaces they are changing the atmosphere in their home.

Having more VOCs in the house, either in the smoke that comes from a fire or the wick of a candle, makes the process of cleaning the air important as well. January is the deadliest month for carbon monoxide levels and the most dangerous month for carbon monoxide poisoning. It’s important to check your indoor carbon monoxide levels and to track outdoor carbon monoxide levels in your area with MapMyAir.


Best Air Purifiers To Keep You Healthy This Winter

What factors should you consider when choosing an air purifier for winter? When choosing any air purifier it’s important to make sure that it covers what you’re most concerned about. There’s a perfect air purifier for you whether you’re worried about pet dander, dust, or viruses during the winter season.

Oransi has a helpful tool to help with this decision and ensure that you choose the perfect air purifier for the winter. Our US-based customer service team is also standing by to answer any questions you may have. They can be reached at 888-281-3948.

There’s enough to worry about between snow storms, colder weather, and preparing for the holiday season. Cleaning your indoor air is as easy as pushing a button and the benefits of running an air purifier during the winter are endless!