Which Air Purifier Is Best For Mold?

Airborne mold spores can wreak havoc on your respiratory system. Mold that settles on surfaces causes damage and health concerns in your home. Using air purifiers with HEPA filters in your home will help filter out these airborne spores. 

AirMend™ Medium Room HEPA Air Purifier

AirMend™ HEPA Series

From $169.84
<p>Small to Large rooms</p>

Small to Large rooms

<p>Particles, dust, pollen, etc.</p>

Particles, dust, pollen, etc.



Mod+ Air Purifier

Mod Series

From $298.99
<p>Large rooms</p>

Large rooms

<p>Particles, dust, pollen, light odors</p>

Particles, dust, pollen, light odors

<p>HEPA + Carbon</p>

HEPA + Carbon

HEPA air purifiers provide relief and protection from indoor mold spores.

While it’s best to also treat mold at the source, sometimes it’s prohibitively costly or difficult and treatment is the best option. A HEPA air purifier provides a safe and effective solution to help filter out any airborne mold spores in your home before they can settle on surfaces. 

HEPA air purifiers are great at effectively removing mold from the air. 

A tried and true solution, HEPA filtration also decreases the chances of the mold reproducing and settling on surfaces. Running air purifiers with HEPA filters will control the airborne mold spores before they can multiply and settle in your lungs or in your home.