The Best Air Purifier For Odors

If your main concern is odors, then an air purifier with high density carbon is the only filtration method that will work to remove the odors from your air.

We’re proud to offer the only affordable heavy duty carbon air purifier that targets VOCs and odors: the TrueCarbon™ series. And it’s responsibly assembled in our Virginia factory.  

TrueCarbon™ 200C Air Purifier

TrueCarbon™ Series

From $199.84
<p>Small to Large rooms</p>

Small to Large rooms

<p>Heavy odors, gases, VOCs</p>

Heavy odors, gases, VOCs



Mod+ Air Purifier

Mod Series

From $298.99
<p>Large rooms</p>

Large rooms

<p>Particles, dust, pollen, light odors</p>

Particles, dust, pollen, light odors

<p>HEPA + Carbon</p>

HEPA + Carbon

Heavy duty carbon filtration is the most effective solution for odors.

A HEPA filter won’t capture odors because it focuses on fine particles like dust and pollen. While fine particle filtration is important for healthy indoor air, if your main concern is odors then only a carbon air purifier will effectively remove them. 

Carbon air purifiers mitigate strong odors from common sources.

A carbon filter is the best option to get rid of odors from common sources like smoke, car pollution, pets, gas stoves, and many others.

It’s important to know that you’ll also need to consider the room size coverage for the air purifier to make sure it will effectively clean the air.