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Check Pollen Count, VOCs, And Air Quality Levels In Your Area With MapMyAir!

Oransi has developed a new tool to help those with allergies, respiratory health issues, and anyone who is interested in learning about the pollen count and air quality is in their area.

MapMyAir, available now in the app store, google play store, and on our website, is a revolutionary new program that allows the user to track the pollen count and air quality in their area by simply entering their zip code.


MapMyAir offers a search on pollen count, harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), air pollution, and air quality on a worldwide scale. The tool can even pinpoint these readings down to a particular street for information.

With the goal to provide education on air quality, this tool, much like a typical weather forcast, provides a three-day forecast of your area's projected air quality to help users plan outdoor activities. MapMyAir also offers real-time air quality updates.

MapMyAir was developed with personalization in mind. The app allows you to save family profiles and receive notifications when there is a spike in air pollution, pollen, or other allergens in your area. 

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Why MapMyAir Is Important:

Knowing about the air quality in your area can help your general health and wellness whether you’re worried about allergies, wildfire smoke, or other dangerous VOCs or gases like carbon monoxide.

While knowing when the next rain or snowstorm approaching your area is important, understanding the quality of the air around you is essential for optimal health and wellness. Air is essential to everyone, no matter your typical climate, and it’s important to know about the air quality and pollen count in your area.

Check out and create an account for MapMyAir on mobile, in the app store, or google play store today!