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New Beginnings with Oransi 

Our company started with a simple idea of a parent striving to help their child. When CEO and founder, Peter Mann, had exhausted all available resources to help his asthmatic son breathe he decided to use his engineering background and create a high-performing and affordable air purifier. 

It worked. Out of all the overpriced products on the market that claimed to help with asthma symptoms, and after switching medications multiple times, the one thing that helped his son breathe was an Oransi air purifier. 

Oransi comes from the Finnish word oranssi meaning orange. The word also brings forward the ideas of health and rejuvenation. The color orange means energy and optimism and the fruit itself is a healthy and fresh option that contains seeds for regrowth. This is where we get our inspiration to continue to make the best products we can. While our competitors add more bells and whistles, we focus on creating simple, safe, and reliable products that create peace of mind with every deep breath. 

Oransi was founded in 2009 and merged with Aviemore, a motor technology company, with the goal of creating new products and new jobs at our Radford, Virginia facility. 

Peter of Oransi (left) and Moe of Aviemore (right) with Oransi air purifiers after company merger

Oransi was founded in 2009 and we continue to innovate

We’ve been around for over a decade specializing in air purifiers and we’re still at work innovating better air purifiers that are powerful and simple to use. We've released our assembled in the USA product lines: AirMend HEPA and AirMend TrueCarbon

We don’t accept the status quo in our product line, but we are old-fashioned in one crucial way: our trust in quality filters and a strong motor. We know that this combination is the only proven safe and effective air cleaning technology according to experts like the CDCEPA, and Harvard School of Public Health. That’s why our engineers trust it as the only kind of filtration that should be in an air purifier.

The air purifier market is continually growing and becoming more complex, but our goal is to keep things as simple as possible. Our products have only proven air cleaning technology, like carbon and HEPA pleated filters, and a strong motor capable of providing excellent airflow for your space. 

Air purifiers don’t need to be cutting edge pieces of technology that need to be replaced every year or two. They shouldn’t require software updates. And they don’t need to be yet another device on the Internet of Things sucking up bandwidth. We think they should be your steady helping hand, cleaning your indoor air and creating a healthier environment. Turn it on, trust it to do its job, and go about your life knowing the air you breathe in is as clean as it gets. 


Reliable products with reliable support

We want to provide top-tier service to our customers, which is why our in-house U.S. based customer service team is ready to answer any questions you may have. Easily reach out to an expert by chat, email, or phone with 96% of calls answered with no wait time. 

Oransi is proud to offer a hassle-free warranty because we believe your air purifier should last years and be easy to fix or replace when you run into an issue. Don’t worry about keeping documentation or enrolling in a warranty program either. Your purchase is your proof. 

As allergy sufferers and parents who’ve seen just how scary asthma symptoms can be, our goal is to help as many people as possible understand how they can benefit from air cleaning, what works, and what doesn’t. Indoor air pollution affects us all. That’s why we try to provide as much education on indoor air quality as we can. And why we’re often more outspoken than others on what’s trendy but doesn’t work. 

What started with one father’s hope for help continues to this day as our whole company’s goal to help others breathe with confidence too. We’re here to assist everyone on their journey to better indoor air. Want to know more? Just give us a call.