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Oransi Continues Reshoring Efforts 

Veterans Day is a day to thank and honor all those who have served and are currently serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. This Veterans Day, as we honor Americans and their service, we’re also proud to share updates on how our founder, a veteran of the U.S. Navy, is bringing jobs back to America. 

When Oransi was founded in 2009 by Peter Mann, his original purpose was to find a better solution for his asthmatic son and to help him breathe more easily. As Oransi has grown over the last decade with increased production and new employees joining the team, the core value has stayed the same: helping people live better. 

While Oransi’s EJ, which was Made in the USA, has been retired, we have been working toward manufacturing in the United States again. Our goal is to offer a sustainable, high quality, and budget-friendly air purifier. 

While it’s been an ongoing process, it’s an incredibly important one and one that everyone on the team is passionate about. And we’re continuing to get closer to our goal of reshoring. 

Oransi has committed to hiring 101 employees in the New River Valley region. We’ll have employees working in our new manufacturing facility in Radford, Virginia nestled in the Appalachian Mountains once we get that facility ready to support our manufacturing needs. 

For more about our work in Virginia, you can read the announcement from Former Governor Ralph Northam sharing the news about our manufacturing facility here.

While we are working toward a new product that is made in our manufacturing facility in Radford, VA, please be aware that the mod and mod jr. are still both Made in China. We are shipping these from our facility in Radford, VA and have already created some of the anticipated 101 jobs in the New River Valley region to support this work. Like we mentioned, it’s an ongoing process and one we’re incredibly proud to be working through. 

We’ll continue to update everyone on these efforts, especially as we get closer to big announcements!

Oransi Radford facility photos