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Oransi’s Mod Air Purifier Chosen to Protect Wake County School District

Oransi has sold air purifiers to over 300 schools across the nation to protect staff and students and help mitigate the impact of respiratory diseases like COVID, RSV, and influenza.

Oransi is happy to announce that our Mod air purifier has been selected to protect schools in the Wake County Public School System (WCPSS). WCPSS is the largest school district in North Carolina as well as the 15th largest in the nation.  

More than 600 mod air purifiers will be delivered to schools across the district to protect the entire school community from airborne contaminants like carbon dioxide, bacteria, allergens, mold, and particulates that can cause illnesses like COVID, RSV, and influenza.

Our award-winning mod air purifier quietly cleans 99.6% of virus-sized particles and airborne particulates from a 1,268 square foot room two times per hour. That’s one full air change of 1,268 square feet of space every 30 minutes. WCPSS is using the new mod air purifiers from Oransi to create safer spaces for students, staff, and parents in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic that led to remote learning.

“We’re excited that Oransi was selected to improve the air quality in schools just down the road from our recent headquarters,” said Peter Mann, CEO and Founder of Oransi. “Schools continue to be impacted by COVID and we’re honored to help school districts like Wake County create healthier spaces for learning in person safely.”

ESSER funding is still available for school districts interested to protect their community from airborne contaminants, supplement HVAC upgrades that are limited in their ability to provide the recommended standard of air changes, and continue in person instruction safely in older school facilities. Learn more about ESSER funding, air quality standards for schools, and what to look for when purchasing air purifiers on the Oransi Blog here.

Our air purifiers were also selected by the Javits Center for its field hospital early in the pandemic. The importance of healthy indoor air has never been more clear and never been more crucial, especially for vulnerable populations like school-age children. 

For more information on Oransi air purifier solutions for schools email or call our team at 888-281-3948.